Compliance & Safeguarding


Compliance plays a central role in Neki Bazaar’s commitment to our five core values. Our Compliance team identifies and provides guidance on risk mitigation and the design of an effective risk management program in support of the organization’s commitment to serve its mission. We believe everyone is essential to meeting this commitment.


Compliance serves to ensure that internal controls are in place to achieve consistent and efficient standards of excellence to better serve Neki Bazaar donors, supporters, and beneficiaries, and to monitor adherence to legal requirements and industry standards. Neki Bazaar defines internal controls as mechanisms, rules, and procedures implemented by an organization to ensure the integrity of its risk mitigation measures, promote accountability, and prevent violations. Compliance monitors the organization’s policies and procedures by evaluating their effectiveness, identifying areas of risk or needed improvement, and ensuring accountability.


is all of the actions our organization takes to keep all persons they come into contact with safe – and includes the proactive measures put in place to ensure they do not come to harm as a result of any direct or indirect contact with the organization. Safeguarding encompasses the prevention of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and maltreatment of people by employees and other persons whom the organization is responsible for, including contractors, business partners, visitors to premises, and volunteers.


Protecting dignity is central to every aspect of  Neki Bazaar’s work. We recognize the special responsibility and duty of care to create a safe environment and do no harm. We are committed to protecting vulnerable populations from all harm and abuse, including sexual exploitation and abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.