Water Crises

GOAL : $5000

RAISED : $3650

Water is essential to the survival and health of all human beings. The right to water is a fundamental human right.

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Donate to protect the environment.

GOAL : $4750

RAISED : $3500

The environment can be saved by making sure that we take care of the natural resources it contains.

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Supporting Education

GOAL : $3200

RAISED : $2500

Education is the most empowering force in the world. It creates knowledge, builds confidence, and breaks down barriers to opportunity.

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Polio Vaccine

GOAL : $4500

RAISED : $3000

We believe good health care is everyone’s right. Yet 400 million people in the world can’t afford or don’t have access to basic health care.

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Women Empowerment

GOAL : $6000

RAISED : $4000

emergency medical modules that we pre-positioned in the region have been deployed from Port-au-Prince with medical teams to affected areas,

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